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Label Booklet 360

The “Booklet 360” label is a label adapted to easy mechanical application on round containers, e.g. bottles, cans, tubes, etc. The “Booklet 360” label consists of the base made of PP or PE, printed by our new semi-rotational offset machine. The base is shortened by ca. 2cm in relation to the whole label what enables attaching a booklet to a curved surface and keeping the label smooth and evenly stuck. The paper insert attached to the truncated base of the label may cover 1/3, 1/2 or any different length of the label depending on either amount of the text or the customer’s preference. The whole label is covered by a film, laminate and cut down to the final size of the label applied on the product.

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Product description
More about LABELS48h
An example of the “Booklet 360” label is a rectangular label affixed to a round 1-litre bottle - it is a booklet label of the overall size: width 270 mm x height 150 mm; its corners are rounded; it contains an adhesive strip along its full height. The paper insert covers ½ of the label length. The label design may be adapted to any dimensions of the curved containers.

Labels LABELS48h — unique design solutions and short lead time


Varied functionalities and customized solutions

Our new line of booklet labels includes 10 patterns of booklet labels with various functionalities, such as, e.g.: ergonomic design for ease of opening, improved legibility of information, increased safety, variable marking, easy application on round containers, ease of recycling. Due to these features you may choose the label pattern that is most suitable for your project.


Ready in 48 hours!

Our new line of the booklet labels LABELS48h’s feature is 48-hour lead time what results from:

- new technology of printing,

- quick production of offset printing plates in our plant Multicolor,

- technology of automated die cutting,

- automated process of booklet label quality control.


Short production series at attractive prices

Our new line of booklet labels LABELS48h enables production of any short series up to 5000 pieces at attractive prices that are characteristic of large series. Due to our new production technology we have optimized the unit cost of production.


High quality printing

All components of labels, i.e. both base labels and inserts, are printed using the same technology, i.e. offset printing, what results in very high print resolution that is uniform for the entire product and provides excellent legibility of the information contained in the labels.


Express customization and design

Each of our 10 new label templates is available in the form of an editable graphic file on our website and may be downloaded free of charge from: sklep.multicolordrukarnia.pl and labels48h.com.

Multicolor graphic department can adapt each template of our new labels to individual customer’s needs on the basis of the order specification.


Variable marking of labels and additional safeguards

In our new design line of labels, LABELS48H, we have introduced the templates that facilitate variable marking using the industrial printing technology. Additionally, we offer also other solutions that protect against unauthorized opening of the label and against counterfeit products.



All labels from the line LABELS48H are more eco-friendly since we have replaced flexo printing with offset printing in our technological process. Moreover, some selected labels can be easily recycled as they are made entirely of one material.


Guaranteed Multicolor quality

The automated quality control for our new line of products, LABELS48H, facilitates quick and at the same time reliable detection of any product faults what is essential for our labels to be of highest quality and for the production time to be shortened.


Discover the range of LABELS48h and choose your own label

Our new line LABELS48h consists of 10 innovative designs of booklet labels. The labels are characterized by original design features, finishes and functions that have been developed by our Company on the basis of the thorough analysis of our customers’ needs, the carefully conducted designing process and new production technologies.


The line LABELS48h provides, for example, special design of label opening methods, new shapes of grip tabs, better availability for the visually impaired, the blind and persons with reduced mobility, possibility of applying on round containers, fluorescent inks, safety measures and possibility of applying fixed and variable codes and numbering. Our offer includes also easily recyclable, eco-friendly labels.